The Michigan Association of Land Banks strives to ensure that Michigan Land Banks have the statewide policies, support, and capacity to effectively operate and share information about local land bank programs.

The Michigan Association of Land Banks’ priorities include building a strong policy and advocacy network with the creation of a policy subcommittee, tracking state land bank legislation, exploring legislative changes that would provide a dedicated funding source for land bank operations as well as clarifying current legislation regarding the foreclosure process on 5/50 properties, and acquainting Michigan lawmakers with the Michigan Association of Land Banks and the work of land banks across the state.

In addition, the Michigan Association of Land Banks is focused on creating a Resource Center with policy and program best practices to build the capacity of land banks in Michigan, hosting in-person meetings to discuss land bank challenges, opportunities, and successes, and hosting a statewide capacity building event for land bank leadership focused on developing new skills and deepening peer relations, connecting members of the association, and advocating for a voice in the process of developing statewide programs to fund land bank related activities.

This work can only be accomplished with generous support from our members, in-kind contributions, and grant dollars. We continue to explore new opportunities to funding our efforts.

Board of Trustees

  • Krista Trout-Edwards, Calhoun County Land Bank Authority
  • Robbie Linn, Detroit Land Bank Authority
  • Tim Burgess, Muskegon County Land Bank Authority
  • Jeff Huntington, State of Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority
  • Michelle Thompson, Benzie County Land Bank Authority
  • Anne Giroux, Marquette County Land Bank Authority
  • Michael Freeman, Genesee County Land Bank Authority
  • Thomas Whitener, Kalamazoo County Land Bank Authority
  • Bridget LaLonde, Presque Isle County Land Bank Authority

Executive Committee

  • Anne Giroux, President (Marquette County Land Bank Authority)
  • Tim Burgess, Vice President (Muskegon County Land Bank Authority)
  • Jeff Huntington, Secretary (State of Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority)
  • Michelle Thompson, Treasurer (Benzie County Land Bank Authority)
  • Krista Trout-Edwards, Immediate Past President (Calhoun County Land Bank Authority)


Download the 2014 Michigan Association of Land Banks Bylaws (PDF).

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