Improving access to lots in Calhoun

Improving Access to Vacant Lot Ownership while Saving Taxpayers’ Money

To kick off its first-ever side lot sale and get residents excited about the opportunity to expand their ownership footprint by purchasing adjacent lots, the Calhoun County Land Bank hosted a Spring Fling event. At this successful event, the Land Bank sold nearly 36 lots in its inventory. The land bank partnered with the City of Battle Creek to host the two-hour event on a Saturday in April to connect with residents living next door to or nearby vacant lots. The land bank and City created one application and one price ($110/lot) to streamline the process and make it easy for residents to purchase the side lots. “By encouraging residents to purchase vacant side lots adjacent to their properties, we’re able to put these lots to productive use and get them back on the tax rolls,” said Christine Schauer, Calhoun County Treasurer and Chairperson of the Calhoun County Land Bank Authority. “Getting side lots back on the tax rolls helps fund local schools and critical services like roads, public safety and programs for seniors and veterans.” The land bank sold a total of 64 properties during the sale, which ended in July. Estimates indicate that as a result, the land bank will save $14,000 this year in mowing costs. Click here for more details.